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Slovenia Country Code is: - SI / SVN / +386
Slovenia - The dial code of Slovenia is: (+386) -
Slovenia - Phone Numbers

Telephone numbers in Slovenia

Country Code : +386
International Call Prefix: 00

Slovenia received a new country code following the breakup of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in 1991 (which previously had 38 as country code).

List by town of phone dialing codes in Slovenia.

Example for calling
The international call prefix depends on the country you are calling from; e.g., 00 for most European countries, and 011 from North America. For domestic calls (within the country), 0 must be dialed before the area code. The prefix for international calls from Slovenia is 00 (e.g., for a United States number 00 1 ... should be dialled).

An example for calling telephones in Ljubljana is as follows:

 xxx xxxx (within Ljubljana)
 0 1 xxx xxxx (within Slovenia)
 +386 1 xxx xxxx (outside Slovenia)
List of area codes
The list of counties, grouped into historic and geographic larger regions:

No. - County - Code
Central Slovenia 1
1. - Ljubljana - 1
2. - Maribor and Murska Sobota - 2
3. - Celje - 3
4. - Kranj - 4
5. - Koper and Nova Gorica - 5
6. - Novo Mesto - 7
Mobile phone numbers 1
7. - Si.mobil - 30, 40
8. - Mobitel - 31, 41, 51, 71
9. - Tušmobil - 70
10. - T-2 - 64
VoIP 1
11. - Various providers - 59
Special numbers
12. - Toll free numbers - 80
13. - Commercial numbers - 89, 90
1 Calling codes in the table are assigned to new customers by the respective provider. However, it has been possible to change the operator and retain the old calling code (along with the rest of the phone number) since 2006. Calling codes do not necessary reflect the operator, but it is not possible to transfer a mobile number to a land-based operator and vice versa.

Communications in Slovenia
Telephone numbers in Slovenia General information and references
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A1 Slovenija, Telekom Slovenije, Telemach, T-2, AKOS,

A1 Slovenija

Company : A1 Slovenija
Website :  A1 Slovenija

Phone : 040 40 40 41
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Telekom Slovenije

Company : Telekom Slovenije
Website :  Telekom Slovenije

Phone : (+386) 41 700 700
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Company : Telemach
Website :  Telemach

Phone : (+386) 70 700 700
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Company : T-2
Website :  T-2

Phone : (+386) 64 064 064 / 059 00 00 00
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Company : AKOS
Website :  AKOS

Phone : (+386) 1 583 63 00
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Agency for Communication Networks and Services of the Republic of Slovenia (AKOS)

Phones in Slovenia. Search smartphones in mobile phone companies and stores. List by company, city, name, number, website, packages and internet services. SI Find telephone numbers in the phone book and yellow pages.
386 Code for international phone calls, whatsapp and text messages. SVN
Slovenia : Ajdovscina Commune, Beltinci Commune, Bled Commune, Bohinj Commune, Borovnica Commune, Bovec Commune, Brda Commune, Brezice Commune, Brezovica Commune, Celje Commune, Cerklje na Gorenjskem Commune, Cerknica Commune, Cerkno Commune, Crensovci Commune, Crna na Koroskem Commune, Crnomelj Commune, Divaca Commune, Dobrepolje Commune, Dol pri Ljubljani Commune, Dornava Commune, Dravograd Commune, Duplek Commune, Gorenja vas-Poljane Commune, Gorisnica Commune, Gornja Radgona Commune, Gornji Grad Commune, Gornji Petrovci Commune, Grosuplje Commune, Hrastnik Commune, Hrpelje-Kozina Commune, Idrija Commune, Ig Commune, Ilirska Bistrica Commune, Ivancna Gorica Commune, Izola-Isola Commune, Jursinci Commune, Kanal Commune, Kidricevo Commune, Kobarid Commune, Kobilje Commune, Komen Commune, Koper-Capodistria Urban Commune, Kozje Commune, Kranj Commune, Kranjska Gora Commune, Krsko Commune, Kungota Commune, Lasko Commune, Ljubljana Urban Commune, Ljubno Commune, Logatec Commune, Loski Potok Commune, Lukovica Commune, Medvode Commune, Menges Commune, Metlika Commune, Mezica Commune, Mislinja Commune, Moravce Commune, Moravske Toplice Commune, Mozirje Commune, Murska Sobota Urban Commune, Muta Commune, Naklo Commune, Nazarje Commune, Nova Gorica Urban Commune, Odranci Commune, Ormoz Commune, Osilnica Commune, Pesnica Commune, Pivka Commune, Podcetrtek Commune, Postojna Commune, Puconci Commune, Race-Fram Commune, Radece Commune, Radenci Commune, Radlje ob Dravi Commune, Radovljica Commune, Rogasovci Commune, Rogaska Slatina Commune, Rogatec Commune, Semic Commune, Sencur Commune, Sentilj Commune, Sentjernej Commune, Sevnica Commune, Sezana Commune, Skocjan Commune, Skofja Loka Commune, Skofljica Commune, Slovenj Gradec Urban Commune, Slovenske Konjice Commune, Smarje pri Jelsah Commune, Smartno ob Paki Commune, Sostanj Commune, Starse Commune, Store Commune, Sveti Jurij Commune, Tolmin Commune, Trbovlje Commune, Trebnje Commune, Trzic Commune, Turnisce Commune, Velenje Urban Commune, Velike Lasce Commune, Vipava Commune, Vitanje Commune, Vodice Commune, Vrhnika Commune, Vuzenica Commune, Zagorje ob Savi Commune, Zavrc Commune, Zelezniki Commune, Ziri Commune, Zrece Commune, Benedikt Commune, Bistrica ob Sotli Commune, Bloke Commune, Braslovce Commune, Cankova Commune, Cerkvenjak Commune, Destrnik Commune, Dobje Commune, Dobrna Commune, Dobrova-Horjul-Polhov Gradec Commune, Dobrovnik-Dobronak Commune, Dolenjske Toplice Commune, Domzale Commune, Grad Commune, Hajdina Commune, Hoce-Slivnica Commune, Hodos-Hodos Commune, Horjul Commune, Jesenice Commune, Jezersko Commune, Kamnik Commune, Kocevje Commune, Komenda Commune, Kostel Commune, Krizevci Commune, Kuzma Commune, Lenart Commune, Lendava-Lendva Commune, Litija Commune, Ljutomer Commune, Loska Dolina Commune, Lovrenc na Pohorju Commune, Luce Commune, Majsperk Commune, Maribor Commune, Markovci Commune, Miklavz na Dravskem polju Commune, Miren-Kostanjevica Commune, Mirna Pec Commune, Novo mesto Urban Commune, Oplotnica Commune, Piran-Pirano Commune, Podlehnik Commune, Podvelka Commune, Polzela Commune, Prebold Commune, Preddvor Commune, Prevalje Commune, Ptuj Urban Commune, Ravne na Koroskem Commune, Razkrizje Commune, Ribnica Commune, Ribnica na Pohorju Commune, Ruse Commune, Salovci Commune, Selnica ob Dravi Commune, Sempeter-Vrtojba Commune, Sentjur pri Celju Commune, Slovenska Bistrica Commune, Smartno pri Litiji Commune, Sodrazica Commune, Solcava Commune, Sveta Ana Commune, Sveti Andraz v Slovenskih goricah Commune, Tabor Commune, Tisina Commune, Trnovska vas Commune, Trzin Commune, Velika Polana Commune, Verzej Commune, Videm Commune, Vojnik Commune, Vransko Commune, Zalec Commune, Zetale Commune, Zirovnica Commune, Zuzemberk Commune, Apace Commune, Cirkulane Commune, Gorje, Kostanjevica na Krki, Log-Dragomer, Makole, Mirna, Mokronog-Trebelno, Poljcane, Recica ob Savinji, Rence-Vogrsko, Sentrupert, Smarjesk Toplice, Sredisce ob Dravi, Straza, Sveti Jurij v Slovenskih Goricah
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