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Moldova Country Code is: MD / MDA / +373
Moldova - The dial code of Moldova is: (+373) - - digits 8 Open - dial 00
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Telephone numbers in Moldova

Country Code :373

International Call Prefix:00

ANRCETI National Regulatory Agency for Electronic Communications and Information Technology

In February 1, 2004 Moldova introduced new open type telephone numbering plan 1 .

Structure of international telephone numbers
International telephone numbers consist of the country code "373", and 8 national significant numbers (N(S)N).

The National Significant Number consists of 2-3 digits for the National Destination Code and 5-6 digits for the Subscriber Number (SN).

N(S)N Format
- Assignment - Number types
0 - National Prefix :00 - International Prefix :1XX[X(X)] - Short codes :2XXXXXXX - Numbers for fixed telephone networks - Geographic
3XXXXXXX - Long-term strategic reserve :4XXXXXXX - Long-term strategic reserve :5XXXXXXX - Numbers for fixed telephone networks - Geographic
6XXXXXXX - Numbers for mobile telephone networks and paging - Non-geographic
7XXXXXXX - Services (personal numbers and mobile telephone networks) - Non- geographic
8XXXXXXX - Services (free phone, dial-up, etc) - Non- geographic
900XXXXX - Services (shared-revenue service, etc) - Non- geographic
99XXXXXX - Long-term strategic reserve - Non- geographic

xx-xx-xx call within Chişinău
xx-x-xx call within other localities in Moldova
0-xxx-xx-x-xx call between localities and mobile phone companies
+373-xxx-xx-x-xx call to Moldova from abroad
telephone numbering plan
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