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Malta Country Code is: MT / MLT / +356
Malta - The dial code of Malta is: (+356) -
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Telephone numbers in Malta

Country Code : +356
International Call Prefix: 00

1 - Number format
2 - Allocation of numbers
2.1 - Geographic numbers
2.2 - Mobile telephone numbers
2.3 - Special numbers
Number format

National numbers in Malta are eight digits in length, often written xxxx xxxx or xx xxxxxx

There are no area codes in this closed numbering plan.

From abroad, the E.123 format specifies +356 xxxx xxxx .

Allocation of numbers

[ Geographic numbers

Landline numbers generally begin 2xxx xxxx .

[ Mobile telephone numbers

Mobile telephone numbers begin 7xxx xxxx or 9xxx xxxx .

79 xxxxxx - Go Mobile Malta

99 xxxxxx - Vodafone Malta

[ Special numbers

The number for the emergency services is 112.

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Telecommunications in Malta

GO, Melita, Epic mt, MCA,


Company : GO
Website :  GO

Phone : (+356) 8007 2121
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Company : Melita
Website :  Melita

Phone : (+356) 2 727 0270
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Epic mt

Company : Epic mt
Website :  Epic mt

Phone : (+356) 9999 9247
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Company : MCA
Website :  MCA

Phone : (+356) 2133 6840, +356 2133 6840
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MCA (Malta Communications Authority)

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