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Liechtenstein Country Code is: - LI / LIE / +423
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Country Code : 423

Until 1999, Liechtenstein formed part of the Swiss telephone numbering plan, using the country code 41 and the area code 075, but in that year it adopted its own international code 423, meaning that calls to and from Switzerland require international dialing.

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Telecom Liechtenstein

Company : Telecom Liechtenstein
Website :  Telecom Liechtenstein

Phone : (+423) 237 74 00
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Company : AKEK
Website :

Phone : (+423) 236 64 88 / +423 236 61 11
AKEK (Amt für Kommunikation und Energie)

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Liechtenstein : Balzers, Eschen, Gamprin, Mauren, Planken, Ruggell, Schaan, Schellenberg, Triesen, Triesenberg, Vaduz, Gbarpolu, River Gee
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