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The Country Code of Latvia is: (+371) LV / LVA
The dial code of Latvia is: (+371) -
Lattelecom Latvian Telecom
Latvian Mobile Telephone LMT
SPRK Sabiedrisko Pakalpojumu Regulēšanas Komisija (Public Utilities Commission)
Iekšlietu ministrija (Ministry of the Interior). Operatīvos dienestus nepastarpināti varēs izsaukt arī no mobilā tālruņa ( Emergency services will be reachable directly from mobile phones )" (in Latvian) . .
Numuru pielietojums - Numuri LV - Number assignment information and service for checking number ownership - Electronic Communications Law - Terms of national numbering plan - Latvian
LDZ Latvian railways
Telephone numbers in Latvia General information and references

Telephone numbers in Latvia

The Latvian numbering plan is a closed telephone numbering plan. Subscribers' numbers are all a standard length of 8 digits and are used for all calls, even in the same area. Telephone numbering in Latvia is controlled by the Public Utilities Commission and the Electronic Communications Office .

Country Code : +371
International Call Prefix: 00

Local calls
Under the current numbering plan in Latvia, all phone numbers are 8 digits long, starting with a 2 or 3 digit, except for smaller towns, which have 4 digits, city code for landlines. For all calls, local and national, all 8 digits must be dialed, except for emergency or other special short numbers.

Example: To make national calls from Riga to Jelgava 630xxxxx should be dialed. To make local calls within Riga 67xxxxxx or 66xxxxxx should be dialed.

International calls
International call prefix: 00

Example: Calling from Latvia to UK (mobile): 004477xxxxxxxx

Emergency calls
112 - main
01 - fire department
02 - police
03 - emergency medical service
04 - emergency gas service
112 calls are handled by the State Fire and Rescue Service. If police or medical assistance is required, the call is redirected to the department the caller asks for. 0x -numbers are not reachable from mobile phones on their own but they can be prefixed with +371, e.g. +371 0x .

There are plans to introduce two new emergency numbers in 2010 that will be reachable from mobile phones (the current ones will remain in service)- 110 for police and 113 for the emergency medical service.

Special Services
Special service numbers in Latvia may have different lengths, ranging from 3 to 6 digits. Formerly, before changes to the numbering plan were introduced on September 4, 2008, there were only 3 or 4 digit numbers.
11x-numbers (except 112) are usually used by telephone companies for special services, such as dialing assistance or phone line damage reports.
1xx-numbers are allocated to different companies for client services. Calling costs vary depending on the service provider, e.g. Lattelecom client service number 177 is toll-free for those who call from Lattelecom network phones, but it is not free to those who call from mobile networks.
118x-numbers are allocated to inquiry services.
16xx-numbers are allocated to network providers (both mobile and landline) for client services. These numbers are available only for calling from particular networks. ( Example: 1655 is available only for LMT clients
116xxx-numbers are not allocated yet, but are expected to be used for toll-free non-commercial social services.
18xx-numbers are allocated to different companies for various services. Some of these numbers are available for calls, some are sms only.
82xxx- Premium-rate services (for example, speaking clock services, such as 82154 or 82174
88xx and 89xx-numbers Premium-rate numbers for services that may include gambling, erotic material or violence.
Some special service number holders have 8-digit geographical numbers to make their services available for access from abroad. Usually these numbers are chosen to be similar to short numbers. ( Example: Latvian railway information service number 1181 is accessible from abroad by dialling +37167231181
Numbering plan - landlines by district
1xx , 1xxx , xxxx , xxxxx 116xxx Special services (including directory assistance services: 118x
2xxxxxxx mobile numbers
5xxxxxxx landlines reserved for future usage
60xxxxxx landlines reserved for future usage
61xxxxxx landlines reserved for future usage
62xxxxxx landlines reserved for future usage
630xxxxx Jelgava
631xxxxx Tukums
632xxxxx Talsi
633xxxxx Kuldiga
634xxxxx Liepaja
635xxxxx Ventspils
636xxxxx Ventspils
637xxxxx Dobele
638xxxxx Saldus
639xxxxx Bauska
640xxxxx Limbaži
641xxxxx Cēsis
642xxxxx Valmiera
643xxxxx Alūksne
644xxxxx Gulbene
645xxxxx Balvi
646xxxxx Rēzekne
647xxxxx Valka
648xxxxx Madona
649xxxxx Aizkraukle
650xxxxx Ogre
651xxxxx Aizkraukle
652xxxxx Jēkabpils
653xxxxx Preiļi
654xxxxx Daugavpils
655xxxxx Ogre
656xxxxx Krāslava
657xxxxx Ludza
658xxxxx Daugavpils
659xxxxx Cēsis
66xxxxxx Riga
67xxxxxx Riga
680xxxxx landlines
682xxxxx Valmiera
683xxxxx Jēkabpils
684xxxxx Liepāja
685xxxxx Trunked radio networks and virtual private networks
686xxxxx Jelgava
687xxxxx landlines reserved for future usage
688xxxxx landlines reserved for future usage
689xxxxx Payphone numbers in all Latvian cities
69xxxxxx landlines reserved for future usage
80x0xxxx Toll-free service numbers
810xxxxx Shared cost service numbers
82154 Speaking clock service, Latvian speaking (used to be 154 until 01.02.2009
82174 Speaking clock service, Russian speaking (used to be 174 until 01.02.2009
90x0xxxx Premium-rate numbers


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