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Iceland Country Code is: - IS / IS / +354
Iceland - The dial code of Iceland is: (+354) - Digits 7 or 9 (for 3xxxxxxxx) Closed 00 +354 -
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Telephone numbers in Iceland

Country Code : +354
International Call Prefix: 00

1 - Number format
2 - Allocation of numbers
2.1 - Geographic numbers
2.2 - Mobile telephone numbers
2.3 - Special numbers

Number format

National numbers in Iceland are seven digit long, written xxx xxxx .

There are no area codes in this closed numbering plan.

From abroad, the E.123 format specifies +354 xxx xxxx .

Allocation of numbers

Geographic numbers

Land line numbers in and around the capital area generally begin 5xx xxxx.

Land line numbers elsewhere in the country tend to begin 4xx xxxx.

In most places the numbers generally begin with the same three digits, e.g.

Keflavík - 421 xxxx

Akureyri - 462 xxxx

Reykjavík, Vesturbær and Miðbærinn - 551 xxxx, 552 xxxx, 561 xxxx, 562 xxxx

Mobile telephone numbers

Numbers of mobile phones tend to begin with either 6xx xxxx, 7xx xxxx or 8xx xxxx.

Special numbers

The number for the emergency services is 112.

Directory enquiries is 118.

The speaking clock is 155.

Telephone numbers in Iceland General Information and Updated References

Síminn, Vodafone Iceland, Nova, 365, Tal, PTA,


Company : Síminn
Website :

Phone : (+354) 515 1000
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Vodafone Iceland

Company : Vodafone Iceland
Website :

Phone : (+354) 444 4000
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Company : Nova
Website :

Phone : (+354) 515 1000
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Company : 365
Website :

Phone : 1777 / +354 515 1000
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Company : Tal
Website :

Phone : 800 1000 / +354 515 1000
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Company : PTA
Website :

Phone : (+354) 510 1500
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Authority of Telecommunications and Postal Services. (PTA) Póst- og fjarskiptastofnun

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