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Telephone numbers in Hungary

Hungary Area Codes

In Hungary the standard lengths for area codes is one (Budapest only) and two (rest of areas) digits and 7 or 8 (cell phone numbers beginning with 20, 30 and 70 and corporate network numbers starting with 71) for subscribers' numbers in Hungary.

[ Making calls within and from Hungary

Calls within local areas can be made by dialling the number without the area code, such as 123-4567 in Budapest or 123-456 in other areas. However, this is not permitted in mobile phone networks.

Domestic calls to all other area codes must be preceded with 06 + area code . For example, a call from Budapest to Monor (area code 29) would be made as 06 29 123-456 and a call from Monor to Budapest (area code 1) would be made as 06 1 234-5678 . When using mobile phones, the international format can be used instead: +36 1 234-5678 .

Calls to international destinations are in the format 00 + country code + number . On mobile phones, + can be used instead of 00 .

The country code for Hungary is 36.

[ Short numbers

Certain services can be called with a short number, ignoring the above scheme.

104 emergency operator (medical)
105 emergency operator (fire)
107 emergency operator (police)
112 emergency operator (general)

List of area codes

1 area code for Budapest
20 cell phone network of Pannon
21 Location independent electronic communications service numbers
22 area code for Székesfehérvár
23 area code for Biatorbágy
24 area code for Szigetszentmiklós
25 area code for Dunaújváros
26 area code for Szentendre
27 area code for Vác
28 area code for Gödöllő
29 area code for Monor
30 cell phone networks of T-Mobile
32 area code for Salgótarján
33 area code for Esztergom
34 area code for Tatabánya
35 area code for Balassagyarmat
36 area code for Eger
37 area code for Gyöngyös
40 Shared-cost service (national)
41 Special services
42 area code for Nyíregyháza
44 area code for Mátészalka
45 area code for Kisvárda
46 area code for Miskolc
47 area code for Szerencs
48 area code for Ózd
49 area code for Mezőkövesd
50 reserved/retired
51 Dial-Up Internet service
52 area code for Debrecen
53 area code for Cegléd
54 area code for Berettyóújfalu
55 Test number
56 area code for Szolnok
57 area code for Jászberény
59 area code for Karcag
60 reserved/retired
61 reserved for later use
62 area code for Szeged
63 area code for Szentes
66 area code for Békéscsaba
68 area code for Orosháza
69 area code for Mohács
70 cell phone network of Vodafone
71 corporate networks
72 area code for Pécs
73 area code for Szigetvár
74 area code for Szekszárd
75 area code for Paks
76 area code for Kecskemét
77 area code for Kiskunhalas
78 area code for Kiskőrös
79 area code for Baja
80 freephone service (national)
81 IN
82 area code for Kaposvár
83 area code for Keszthely
84 area code for Siófok
85 area code for Marcali
87 area code for Tapolca
88 area code for Veszprém
89 area code for Pápa
90 Premium-rate service (national)
91 Premium-rate service (national) - previously: IP VPN
92 area code for Zalaegerszeg
93 area code for Nagykanizsa
94 area code for Szombathely
95 area code for Sárvár
96 area code for Győr
99 area code for Sopron
Mobile Phone codes
In ascending numeric order

Mobile Providers with own Networks
Provider - Code
Pannon - 20
Note: After April 1, 2004, the phone numbers can be carried from network to network. That means any of the previous codes can refer to any mobile provider.

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Magyar Telekom, Telenor Hungary, Vodafone Hungary, Digi, NMHH,

Magyar Telekom

Company : Magyar Telekom
Website :  Magyar Telekom

Phone : 1414
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Telenor Hungary

Company : Telenor Hungary
Website :  Telenor Hungary

Phone : (+36) 20 200 0000
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Vodafone Hungary

Company : Vodafone Hungary
Website :  Vodafone Hungary

Phone : 1270 / (+36) 70 700 1270
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Company : Digi
Website :  Digi

Phone : 1272
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Company : NMHH
Website :  NMHH

Phone : (06 1) 457 7100
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(NMHH) National Media and Infocommunications Authority

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