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Estonia - EE / EST / +372
Estonia - The dial code of Estonia is: (+372) -
Estonia - Phone Numbers

Telephone numbers in Estonia

Country Code : +372
International Call Prefix: 00

Telephone numbers in Estonia follow a closed telephone numbering plan.

All calls inside Estonia are local; trunk codes are not used.

Landline phone numbers have 7 digits, mobile numbers can have either 7 or 8 digits.

Telephone numbers are portable between locations and operators.

Numbering plan
 3xx xxxx Landline
 4xx xxxx Landline
 6xx xxxx Landline
 7xx xxxx Landline
 5xx xxxx Mobile
 5xxx xxxx Mobile

[ Example call

 When calling the Estonian number 799 2222:
 *From inside Estonia: 799 2222
 *From other countries: +372 799 2222
Special numbers
 110 Police
 112 Fire and medical services
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