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Montenegro Country Code is: - ME / MNE / +382
Montenegro - The dial code of Montenegro is: (+382) - digits 8 Open 00
Montenegro - Phone Numbers
Country calling code is : +382
EKIP Agency for Electronic Communications and Postal Services
Telephone numbers in Montenegro
Montenegro telephone numbers
Location of Montenegro (dark green
Country References Montenegro
Continent - Europe
Access codes
International prefix - 00
Trunk prefix - 0
Dial plan
Regulator - Agency of Telecommunications of Montenegro
Type - Open
Typical format - 0XX XXX XXX
This is a list of dialing codes by town in Montenegro.
1 - History
2 - Dialing Codes
2.1 - Fixed Telephony
2.2 - Mobile Telephony
2.3 - Special codes
2.3.1 - New
2.3.2 - Old
3 - References
Until Montenegro gained independence from Serbia and Montenegro, the nation was accessed through the international dialing code +381. The new dialing code +382 was introduced after independence and the two codes were used in parallel until February 2007, when +382 nominally became the only acceptable code. As of 1 October 2007, +381 is used only for Serbia and +382 is the only acceptable code for Montenegro.
Dialing Codes

[ Fixed Telephony

Area codes have two digits after the initial '0' trunk prefix, and local numbers have six digits. The trunk prefix is omitted when calling from abroad.

The following code prefixes are used for network groups. 1

The old codes were used in parallel with the new codes until 1 October 2008: ]

New code - Old code - Municipalities
20 - 81 - Podgorica, Danilovgrad, Kolašin
30 - 85 - Bar, Ulcinj
31 - 88 - Herceg Novi
32 - 82 - Kotor, Tivat
33 - 86 - Budva,
40 - 83 - Nikšić, Plužine, Šavnik
41 - 86 - Cetinje
50 - 84 - Bijelo Polje, Mojkovac
51 - 87 - Berane, Plav, Rožaje, Andrijevica (formerly 871
52 - 89 - Pljevlja, Žabljak (formerly 872
78 - 78 - VoIP operators (including m:tel, BBM, etc.)

[ Mobile Telephony

67 - T-Mobile
68 - m:tel
69 - Telenor Montenegro

[ Special codes

The following special telephone numbers are valid across the country: 1

[ New

[1-1-2 - 112] - Emergency
122 - Police
123 - Fire Department
124 - Ambulance
125 - Exact time
126 - Telegram sales over the phone
127 - Report a fault in the telephone line
1325 - Weather
134 - Road traffic info

[ Old

92 - Police
93 - Fire Department
94 - Ambulance
95 - Exact time
96 - Telegram sales over the phone
977 - Report a fault in the telephone line
9802 - T-Com Montenegro dial-up number
9811 - Sports results
9890 - Information on ISDN services
0 800 800 00 - Customer Service
General Information and Updated References
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