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Kingdom of Sweden Konungariket Sverige / - / Flag - Coat of arms Motto: (Royal) " För Sverige i tiden "a
"For Sweden – With the Times" Anthem: Du gamla, Du friab
Thou ancient, thou free
Royal anthem: Kungssången
The Song of the King Location of Sweden (dark green)– on the European continent (light green & dark grey)– in the European Union (light green) — [Legend] Location of Sweden ( dark green )

– on the European continent ( light green & dark grey )
– in the European Union ( light green ) — Legend ] Capital
(and largest city) - Stockholm
59°21′N 18°4′E  /  59.35°N 18.067°E  / 59.35; 18.067 Official language(s) : Swedishc Ethnic groups - d 81.9% Swedes 1
5.1% Finns 2 13.0% other (2009) 3 4 Demonym : Swedish or Swedes Government : Parliamentary democracy and Constitutional monarchy Monarch - King Carl XVI Gustaf Prime Minister - Fredrik Reinfeldt (M Speaker of
the Riksdag
- Per Westerberg (M Consolidation Personal union w. Denmark and Norway - June 17, 1397 de facto independent kingdom - June 6, 1523 end of Scandinavian union ratified - 1524 Swedish-Norwegian Union begins - November 4, 1814 Swedish-Norwegian Union ends - August 13, 1905 EUaccession - 1 January 1995 Area Total - 449,964 km 2 (57th)
173,745 sq mi Water (%) - 8.7 Population 2009 census - 9,354,462 5 Density - 20.6/km 2 (192nd)
53.3/sq mi GDP (PPP) - 2009 estimate Total - $331.504 billion 6 Per capita - $35,965 6 GDP (nominal) - 2009 estimate Total - $405.440 billion 6 Per capita - $43,986 6 Gini (2005) - 23 ( low HDI (2007) - UP 0.963 7 ( very high ) (7th Currency : Swedish krona (SEK Time zone : CET (UTC+1 Summer (DST) - CEST (UTC+2 Date formats : yyyy-mm-dd,
d/m yyyy,
dd-mm-yy Drives on the : righte Internet TLD : .sef Calling code : 46 a. För Sverige - I tiden has been adopted by Carl XVI Gustaf as his personal motto.

b. Du gamla, Du fria has never been officially adopted as national anthem, but is so by convention.
c. Since July 1, 2009. 8 9 Five other languages are officially recognized as minority languages. 10 They are: Finnish, Meänkieli, Romani, Sami, and Yiddish. The Swedish Sign Language also has a special status.
d. As of 2008, 18% of the population had foreign origins (13% if excluding Finns and 9% if also excluding other Scandinavians), with 14% foreign-born and another 4% born in Sweden of two foreign-born parents. 11
e. Since 3 September 1967.

f. The .eu domain is also used, as it is shared with other European Union member states. The .nu domain is another commonly used top-level domain ("nu" means "now" in Swedish). Sweden (pronounced en-us-Sweden.ogg/ˈswiːdən/