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Telephone numbers in Austria

This article details the use of telephone numbers in Austria.

There are no standard lengths for either area codes or subscribers' numbers in Austria, meaning that some subscribers' numbers may be as short as three digits. Larger towns have shorter area codes permitting longer subscriber numbers in that area. Some examples:

00 International call prefix
112 general emergency call
118xxx directory assistance services
122 fire
133 police
140 mountain rescue
144 medical emergency
147 telephone counseling for children (Rat auf Draht)
15xx generic information services (time, ...)
01 Wien/Vienna
0316 Graz
0463 Klagenfurt
050x virtual private network (VPN)
0512 Innsbruck
0662 Salzburg
0650 cell phones (Telering)
0660 cell phones (Drei)
0664 cell phones (A1)
0676 cell phones (T-Mobile)
0680 cell phones (BoB)
0681 cell phones (Yesss)
0688 cell phones (Tele2)
0699 cell phones (Orange Austria / Yesss)
0718 internet dial-up numbers
0720 location independent landline numbers
0732 Linz
0780 convergent services with ENUM (VoIP)
0800 national free call
00800 international free call
0804 internet dial-up numbers
08xx service numbers
09xx premium rate
The number-assignment of the cell phones can vary, due to number portability.

Yesss and Tele2 are using the network-infrastructure of Orange. Yesss is a discount-offer of Orange.
BoB is a discount-offer of A1 and therefore uses its network-infrastructure.
Since 2006 Telering is fully owned by and integrated into T-Mobile and therefore uses its network-infrastructure.
Mobile Phone codes
In ascending numeric order

Mobile Providers with own Networks
Provider - Code
Drei - 660
Mobile Providers without own Networks
Telering 1 and Schwarzfunk 2 - T-Mobile
BoB 2 - A1
Yesss 2 - Orange Austria
Eety 2 - Orange Austria
Tele2 - Orange Austria
eTel - Orange Austria
Yesss 2 - Orange Austria
1 Telering was bought by T-Mobile in 2005. As of 2006, Telering uses the network-infrastructure of T-Mobile. As a special requirement of the European commission, many of the former transmitters and frequencies previously operated by Telering were given to Orange and Drei.
2 BoB is a discount service of A1, Yesss and Eety is a discount service of Orange. Schwarzfunk is a discount service of T-Mobile.

Due to number portability, the code is not a safe way to evaluate the provider of a phone number. The providers assign only in exceptional cases (special sort of custom numbers, more expensive) non-existing numbers with a different prefix, and this is handled similar as porting an existing number from the desired network. However, the providers still have the administrative sovereignty over their own prefix.

[ Special / Service codes
Special Services
call-by-call providers - 10
public (emergency) services - 1xx
phone breakdown advice - 111
generic emergency service - 112
directory service - 118
car breakdown assistance (ÖAMTC) - 120
fire department (emergency) - 122
car breakdown assistance (ARBÖ) - 123
police (emergency) - 133
mountain rescue - 140
ambulance (emergency) - 144
telephone counseling for children (Rat auf Draht) - 147
public services - 1xxx
current time - 1503
premium rate dialers - 939
telekom austria premium rate services - 711
numbers for convergent services - 780
virtual private network (VPN) - 50x
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Austrian Numbering Plan
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